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WHO ARE WE MARIN® – We love paper and we produce the best product with our love and hard work and we care about our work. The respect we have for our customers continues as quick solutions to their demands.

Every year we produce, millions of bags, boxes, tissue paper and stickers and ship them all over the globe.
We promise you will find the highest quality products at the lowest possible price with a friendly and prompt service.
Since 2009 we are a proud member of Sedex an organisation which accept only respected companies who are working in accordance to local labour laws and global ethical working principles. We have been audited by the independent auditors on a regular basis.

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This is a story in which the dream made by two adventurous people, decided during their university years, is realized. 
Taken from real life ...



Founding General Manager, stated that Marin's goal is to be on the same scale with European as well as British manufacturers in the market and to continue its success by overcoming the first 15 years, and gives the message that our path continues.With his visionary perspective and continuous development principle, Ilker Capraz is among the main staff of Marin Packaging




One of the Founding General Managers  of Marin Ambalaj, whos is responsible for production ,  which was established jointly 15 years ago,states that success is based on trust and belief, with the aim of creating family teams with high company affiliation, with his visionary personality and production success.





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